Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin


We must be able to pretty much agree that much of technology evolves at a rapid pace and with this, services alter, adapt and change with them. This is no different for the way casinos are heading and with this digital currency.

Now, there is only one main discussion point around this and that is the adaption of cryptocurrencies. The services of casinos do not necessarily have to change too much, paying to play is the only thing that alters. Games like roulette remain as they are in a crypto-age or in one that uses standard fiat currency.

This matter at hand is one of great importance because it implies for crypto to actually work, be universally accepted, then there will have to be a point in time, surely, when all fiat currency from every country integrates with the same technology.

We’re going to be discussing the points of bitcoin as a payment option that is now available inside some of the biggest casinos online around the world. You’ll understand what this now means to operators that use and adapted to this technological advancement.

Bitcoin gambling sites

Crypto as a financial mechanism has been with us for over a decade now. Since its inception in 2009, it’s endured criticism, judgement, mockery, but of late, long overdue interest.

It’s 2013 and the first crypto casino is built by the SoftSwiss company. Now, it didn’t cause a dent in the industry sending hundreds of casinos online into a panic. It hardly made a ripple, but the foundations were there. It could be made, it could be serviceable, it could take bitcoin payments.

Away from the mystique of Bitcoin casinos and the markets even in 2013 were still somewhat lifeless. Bitcoin at this time was only valued at $13/£9.50. Compare that to what’s happening now, and you have 1 BTC at $32k/£23k.

During this trajectory in crypto pricing, the number of online casinos accepting bitcoin soon began to become more frequent. Suddenly, newBitcoin online casinos were appearing in the global market and they would start to expand beyond the bitcoin and were accepting Ethereum, LiteCoin, and Ripple. Now, more recently, with thanks to Elon Musk no less, Dogecoin is now an accepted currency amongst a handful of BTC casino operators.

In 202021 blockchain sites became commonplace and industries outside of the casino environment were soon adopting crypto. Only recently, PayPal added crypto to its list of accepted currencies.

Do not go thinking that Bitcoin casinos were some rushed out concept. This has been an area of growth that has taken the best part of near a decade.

Best Bitcoin Casinos

So, who or what are the top online casinos accepting bitcoin? Well, firstly, you need to ask yourself what it is you want from your crypto casino. What Bitcoin casino games are of interest to you? Do you want sports betting included? Do you want exclusive BTC casino bonus offers?

Many factors go into the title of best casino but ultimately, it is entirely relative to the player’s wants and needs.

There are, however, two types of BTC casino out there, one which is built to service the crypto coin and the other… well, not so.

If you want the best bitcoin casinos to pick from, then take a look below…

List of the best online casinos accepting bitcoin

We deem these BTC casinooperators to be amongst the best bitcoin casinos available because they were specifically built for the crypto bitcoin. This means taking crypto deposits, providing BTC games, and allowing withdrawals in the same currency.

Top 10 Bitcoin casinos:

  2. BitStarz
  3. 22Bet
  4. Bovada
  5. NetBet
  6. Yako Casino
  8. Cloudbet
  9. mBit
  10. 7Bit Casino

Casinos accepting BTC

So, we mentioned that there were some not-so fully serviceable Bitcoin casinos. Well, these were the casino that sprung up in and around 2017. Soon, regular casinos that were in no way a proper enough BTC casino, were allowing players to pay by bitcoin and other cryptos.

Unlike the best bitcoin casinos, they could not offer members the chance of withdrawing any winnings made with their crypto.

What happens with sites like this, is that members can deposit with crypto, but this money is then converted into USD. Players will then play the standard games and winnings, if won, are returned as USD.

Labelled as crypto casino operators, but they really do not match the service of those sites that are real online casinos accepting bitcoin.

One telling sign is that of the BTC casino bonus. If you see this, you know that they are a platform that can offer Bitcoin casino games and will allow you to withdraw using btc currency.

So, just how different are the real Bitcoin online casinos to the normal sites out there?

Bitcoin Casinos

When it comes to the proper blockchain sites that were made for the specific use of crypto, there are clear differences in how they perform as a service.

Bitcoin online casinos come with special games built with a provably fair system, a coding tool just for crypto users.

These online casinos accepting bitcoin provide real bitcoin games, some that have been adapted from older titles, and other brand new and unique to the bitcoin slot category.

Ultimately, a crypto casino should allow you to pay with crypto, play on authentic bitcoin casino games, and win real crypto back from them. This is what makes Bitcoin casinos special.

And amongst all this, you will have exclusive access to BTC casino bonus promotions. You’ll find all the best bitcoin casinos provide their new members with special welcome bonuses that only their crypto members can claim.

BTC bonuses

BTC casino rewards and bonuses are something entirely optional for players to use. You will find that with the top Bitcoin casinos found online, that they each have their own promotion section.

A typical crypto casino can offer their players the same rewards as a non-crypto casino. The promotions within Bitcoin online casinos aren’t unique because of the method by which you pay to play. Promotions are just how the rewards help you to win whilst playing. So, you will find that you can acquire bitcoin casino free spins. These free spins are only different in that you can access bitcoin games to use them on. The number you get will vary but that is only dependent on the casino you’ve joined not for the fact it’s a bitcoin bonus.

From the top sites, you will be able to access the best bitcoin casino bonus offers that will help you to win more crypto to play with. And do not forget to look out for the Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus as this one tends to come without the restrictive terms and conditions.

How to use Bitcoin

So, how do you even get into any of the Bitcoin casinos if you have no Bitcoin?

Well, this is perhaps the only laborious part of the process, and that’s getting the bitcoin in the first place.

First, you need to join a market site, for example,, who sells cryptocurrencies. You will need to make your account, submit proof of identity and sync your current bank details with. Now, getting an account approved can take up to a week, due to demand.

Once you have your account set up, you can then buy cryptos. Sites like Coinbase will provide many different cryptos, but Bitcoin is the main one. Bitcoin dictates markets and is the currency that is the frontrunner in the digital currency shift.

Once you have purchased your bitcoins or bitcoin or part of a bitcoin, you need to get hold of a bitcoin wallet.

This is exactly as it sounds, you have online wallets that store your crypto in and these will act like any other payment service like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller.

Once you have your crypto, everything then becomes very simple. You are now able to join any of the Bitcoin online casinos and sync you bitcoin wallet as your main banking source with the payment methods offered by these Bitcoin casino sites.

Note: Many of these Bitcoin casinos will still allow traditional (fiat) currency users. They are not exclusive to BTC and crypto-only.

How to deposit with Bitcoin

Depositing withblockchain sites is very simple and just like any other payment service. Within the Bitcoin casino sites you enter into the banking section where you then select Bitcoin from the listed payment methods.

You then add your bitcoin wallet which comes with its own unique wallet address. Synch this address to your account and simply enter the amount you wish to transfer.

As with any deposit method, all transactions are instant, so you can begin playing Bitcoin casino games immediately.

Can you withdraw your online casino winnings in BTC?

The answer to this question is, in fact, yes! Official and authentic Bitcoin casinos will allow you to withdraw money back into your bitcoin wallet. And because bitcoin is the fastest of all payment methods, you can expect your winnings to be returned into your bitcoin wallet within a few hours, if not instantly!

Bitcoin conversion

As mentioned before, look out for those Bitcoin online casinos that are only Bitcoin casino sites which accept the payment only but then convert it into US dollars.

You will still need to sync your bitcoin wallet to put your mBTC into the casino, but you will need to arrange an additional service from the optional payment methods that can help you withdraw money that will be in USD.